Canapés for Events

We can deliver you a truly exceptional canapé service for your next event. We cater for between  20 and 1000 people and focus on giving companies the chance to offer something special to their guests. All canapés are homemade using responsibly sourced British ingredients that are organic whenever possible and are served on a selection of local slate or wooden platters. The cuisine has Danish roots, but being based in London they take on this great city's international flavours as well. We will let the pictures speak for themselves when it comes to the appearance of our canapés.

Food Styling & Receipe Development

Nordic Bites also offers a food styling service for companies, chefs, restaurants and anyone else wishing to showcase their work to the public. We can work with you on everything from developing your business' food concept, to receipe development and presentation for a photoshoot. Perhaps you need us for a morning to put the finishing touches on some cakes before an event, or want us to help develop or grow a small business. We have experience in so many aspects of the food market and are trained in business development and innovation.



Johanne Vestergaard has been producing fine looking food for twenty years and increasingly focused on the story behind the food. Nordic Bites represents her decision to bring this wealth to you.

"Its like a whole circle: we want to know that the animals had the best life they could and that the environment wasn't harmed in the process of producing food. We want to see the joy on people's faces when they see, smell and taste the food, and then we want that there is minimal waste at the end of the day both from our work and by working alongside other companies."


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Recipe development for Knuthenlund

Cakes for The Danish Association of Architects

Canapés for Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark